Welcome to my world of handcrafted jewelry, where passion, inspiration, and a love for gemstones come together to create extraordinary pieces that speak to the soul. It all started two decades ago at a music festival nestled in the  Berkshire Mountains. Noting the gemstone jewelry of one particular vendor, a fire was ignited within me and I couldn't wait to create my own designs.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of beauty and a deep connection to music, I combine raw materials and exquisite gemstones in ways that reflect both my own essence and inspire those who wear my creations. With a harmonious blend of modern elegance, rustic charm, and bohemian vibes, my wearable treasures capture the essence of the free-spirited souls who adorn them.

I am devoted to sourcing the highest quality materials from around the globe, ensuring that each piece embodies the purest form of luxury. Every design reflects my unwavering love for gemstones, infusing each piece with their timeless allure and bringing joy to those who wear them.

Accessibility has always been close to my heart, and I am committed to offering jewelry that is not only exceptional in craftsmanship but also reasonably priced. It is my belief that beauty should be accessible to all who seek it.

One of the greatest joys of being a jewelry designer is the opportunity to create custom pieces that are as unique as the individuals who wear them. Crafting a bespoke treasure tailored specifically to your desires is a gift that I am honored to offer. If you're yearning for a one-of-a-kind piece, please don't hesitate to reach out. Let's embark on a journey together to create a personalized masterpiece for you or someone dear to your heart.

Welcome to a world where music, passion, and extraordinary craftsmanship intertwine to create jewelry that resonates with your soul. Explore my collection, and may each piece you discover bring you joy and inspiration.